Headwrap, scarf-style headband, in black with white pineapple pattern

Black Pineapple Headwrap

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Maui Headwraps

We have been making Hawaii's favorite boho-style cotton headwraps here in our South Maui sewing studio since 2013. Our versatile, soft elastic, scarf-type headbands are easy to put on and can be worn wide or narrow, high or low, hair down, hair up, with a top-knot, or with braids. They are so comfortable you almost forget how cute you look in them. 

❥shopping ❥ windy days ❥ on the beach ❥ on a boat ❥ doing yard work ❥ paint a canvas or a house ❥yoga ❥ on a hike ❥ covering grey roots ❥ awkward bangs ❥ bad hair day 

 Without sounding too dramatic, our headwraps are there for you.

And on top of everything, they are super cute on a straw hat.